Look beyond your reflection and into your Self.

Look beyond your reflection and into your Self.


Located in historic Tampa Heights, Gaze Hot Yoga is a growing community of passionate yogis.



Located in historic Tampa Heights, Gaze Hot Yoga is a place for all human beings to move their bodies in a way that promotes optimal health, greater strength, increased flexibility, and improved mental acuity.  All classes are conducted in a heated room, and are based on the Bikram series of Hatha Yoga postures.



1811 N. Tampa Street, Tampa, FL 33602

Located in the Heights Building across Franklin Ave from Robertson Billiard Supplies, a block from the Rialto Theatre

PARKING  there is a lot right in front of the studio on Franklin St.  There are also overflow lots directly across Franklin St. from Foundation coffee, as well as free street parking on 7th ave and Franklin St

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Hot Yoga 90 min.

Monday - Friday, Sunday
9:30 am

Practiced in a heated room, this class takes us through 90min. of yoga postures that are accessible to the beginner, but will also challenge an advanced student. Everyone is welcome in this class and encouraged, if nothing else, to simply stay in the room. These are 90min. for you to go inward and realize strength you didn’t know you had, while at the same time accepting the limitations of your body in the moment, without judgement, without expectation. 

Hot Yoga 60 min.

Monday + Wednesday
4:30 pm

Tuesday + Thursday
6:30 pm

9:30 am

This class is a shortened version of the 90min. class.  The same 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises will be used, but in varying combinations.  This class is also heated.

Music Class

6:30 pm

One hour heated class with musical accompaniment. 

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what's happening?

In addition to our class schedule here are some other goings on.

Mr bongos DJ Tampa FL

Music Class: Mr. Bongos |Friday, July 28th 6:30pm

There will be sweat, asana, breath, and good music! Mr. Bongos will be in the house, and you can drop-in for $5!

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Community Day | July 16th

Free Hot Yoga at 9:30 and at noon! Take a free class and share the love! Everything in the shop is 25% off, and indie flea will be happening a block away from 12-4. You could spend your whole day in our little neighborhood, making friends, finding treasures and eating treats!




neil armstrong on the moon

Music Class: Celebrating The Moon Landing | Friday, July 21st 6:30pm

'That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." on July 20th 1969 the first Americans landed on the Moon and on July 21st 2017 we'll be celebrating by practicing to music of the era, and music about the moon, and elevating our consciousness to every corner of the universe! Drop-in for $5