$30 - Intro Month Unlimited

30 days for 30 bucks. Time to dive in.  You're here, ready to jump start your practice.  Don't let us tell you, see how good you feel when you commit to yourself.

$85/month - Monthly Membership

This is the pass for a regular practice.  If you're committed to practicing 2 times a week, this is the pass for you. Sign-up during your Intro month and get half off the first month.

Included with this pass: 

  • Unlimited yoga

  • 15% off Retail

  • Discounts on Workshops

  • 3 Buddy Passes

  • Option to freeze

No minimum commitment, no sign-up fees, opt out with 15 days notice.

$70 - 5 Pack Recurring

Grab 5 classes and share with as many people as you like! When the classes run out, your card is charged automatically and you get 5 more!

$155 - 10 Class Pass

Come when you can. If you're away from home often, or you cant make it to the studio 2 times per month, you can save some cash over getting single classes, and be set for 10.

Expires 12 months after purchase. 

$20 - Single Class

Available at the front desk.

$999 - Annual Unlimited

One and done! Practice all year.