Located in historic Tampa Heights, Gaze Hot Yoga is a place for all human beings to move their bodies in a way that promotes optimal health, greater strength, increased flexibility, and improved mental acuity.  All classes are conducted in a heated room, and are based on the Ghosh/Bikram Tradition of Hatha Yoga postures.


The atmosphere of the gaze hot yoga studio is focused, and introspective.  There no distractions. Just you and your reflection in the mirror.  To further limit distractions, there is a large lobby area for students to leave their belongings (especially cell phones).  The yoga room is heated using far infrared and near infrared heaters, which are therapeutic, and also environmentally friendly.   We also have mats, yoga  towels, and apparel for sale.

The lobby opens 30min before every class, and closes 30min after every class.

Walk-ins are welcome however, your space in class cannot be guaranteed unless you book online.