Let's get awkward.

 Yoga shows us things.  Sometimes it is exactly what you want to see. Sometimes it gets a little awkward. This is a yogi from your community who has surrendered to that possibility.  Thank you Maryam!

Where were you born? 

  Brooklyn, NY

Where do you live? 

  Tampa, now but I'm from the eastern end of Long Island.

How long have you been practicing?

    Since 2001

How does yoga help you? 

  I'd probably not be able to move very much now without yoga since I've had so many injuries. I'd probably not be able to use my mind very well either.

What do you do for a living? 

  College Professor

How do you find time for yoga? 

  My schedule changes every semester so I'm never sure what time I will have for what classes beforehand. But I take he first two weeks of every term to see what times feel good and then I schedule it in agenda as if it's a class or work meeting.

Do you have a favorite yoga posture?

   Hmm. Not really. I have a rotation of postures that are my least favorite though hahaha

Is there an aspect of yoga you want to learn more about? 

  I read a lot about yoga, so I know there's a mountain of things I want to learn more about. The stuff I'm interested the most in though is more along the lines of my own research. Does yoga change the way you talk and identify yourself to others.

What's your favorite curse word?

 Asshole. It's gender neutral. Everybody has one, everybody can be one.

What other profession would you like to have?

 Life coach. Which is very close to what I already do for the most part. Working with people more closely and individually is deeply satisfying. The sorts of things I do with Gambol Fitness speaks to that side of things-- dialect coaching, communication and presentation skills, and just general improving your life stuff, especially time management. I already work with people on that, but it isn't my main hustle. I love teaching college students the most. That's a very long answer to just say that I would choose exactly what I am currently doing if I had a chance to do it over. I just wouldn't have made the way to this point quite so arduous and difficult.

What are you most fearful of in the next year?

 Last year, I made a strong decision to change my life and to be happier and move forward-- forcefully move forward, regardless of the difficulty. So far, it's been pretty okay. But it's always looming that things might not work out and I might have to go back to an older more unhappy iteration of my life. In terms of the world, I fear that this frightening trend of thinking that thinking is overrated will become an even stronger force that it is. I mean, seriously-- how did we get ourselves into this place?

What would make you happy to see happen in the next year?

 I'd like to settle in and feel like I have a long-term home in Tampa. I've been sort of a nomad for the last few years. It would be nice to have a couch and a place to call home. Like my own home.

What's your pet peeve?

Social scientists must strive not to judge more than most people, I think. I don't have too many pet peeves, but I do like it when people follow the rules. Things like texting and driving make me so mad. But if you aren't potentially endangering people, do your thing.

Wait. I thought of one. I hate how people put on air conditioning when it would be equally cool if you opened the window. Like, is fake recirculated air that much more pleasant?

What are you learning about yourself through it?
That I'm a bit of a goody two shoes? I should say that I'm getting a bit more used to living in Florida and I need to get over myself. Except that I'm so totally right about the air conditioning hahahaha. But the reason that I have fewer pet peeves these days is that I have actually gotten over myself after a long and hard life. Everyone has something going on. And one of the main things I tell my anthropology students is that Rule #1 is that we aren't mind readers. I really try to be aware of that all the time. Nobody has any clue what's going on in my head. Most people wouldn't want to hang out in my brain for very long. Too uncomfortable.

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