Keep Practice practical.

Seasons change. It’s a beautiful part of the rhythm of life that is highly scientific and studiable, but also as basic as “Sweater Weather” and “Sun’s out guns out.” When the season changes we might be caught off guard at first. We leave the house without a sweater, and notice that we are cold, or wear a long sleeve shirt and notice that we are hot. The noticing is the cool part. It’s the yoga in daily life. So when we’re in a room with the direct intention of practicing yoga why would we expect anything different?

Here in Florida, Summers are hot and wet and winters are usually cool and dry. In Hot Yoga (26&2) after doing the “same thing” for a while we discover that things are changing all the time. We get a chance to practice adapting to life around the 26 postures. One part of “life” is changing seasons that change how the hot room feels.

Around here we don’t go to extremes to keep things the same. The yoga will always be hot, but it will feel very different in August, than it will in February. The practical part of yoga is noticing these differences and moving deeper than them. When you come to practice, notice the changes and be present with yourself. The rest is just extra.

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Wes Bozeman